In Memoriam Ladislav Smoljak

22 Jun

After a long illness, theatre and film writer, director and star, died on June 6th, 2010.  He was 78 years old.  Words cannot express how he will be missed.

This does a little.

Pub in the Glade cast

9 Apr

Innovation of rhyme

9 Apr

An expert explains the frustration Cimrman first experienced with the inadequacies of traditional rhyme, before he developed the technique of “Perfect Rhyme”, seen for the first time in Pub in the Glade.

Cross Cultural Communication

9 Apr

Ever the master of subtlety, Cimrman cleverly, and quite ingeniously I might add, promoted the acceptance of different cultures decades ahead of his time, by inserting characters of different backgrounds to expose Czech audiences to the level of international exchange we have now, which Cimrman clearly saw as inevitable.

Singing in the Glade

9 Apr

Below is footage taken from Cimrman’s Pub in the Glade, exhibiting the breathtaking vocal work that can be very demanding for an actor who has never undertaken a Cimrman production before.

Devotion for Cimrman

9 Apr

A brief clip with a Cimrman expert explains the sacrifices one has to make to devote a life to the Cimrman discipline, taken from Pub in the Glade.