Czech Culture

The Czechs are an inebriate tribe of Slavs located somewhere in Central Europe.

Perhaps the most important fact about the Czechs is that they have the highest per capita beer consumption in the world.  The Czechs put away an astounding 156.9 liters per person a year.  This includes men, women, and children, and since women and children don’t consume a lot of beer (preferring wine and milk respectively), a lot of Czech men are drinking a lot of Czech beer.

Jára Cimrman has remarked about Czech beer:  “A warm Czech beer is better than a cold German woman.”

The Czechs have also been described as “sneaky little bastards.”  Adolf Hitler famously noted about them, “One must not let oneself be deceived, the more he bends, the more dangerous he becomes.”  This is most likely a reference to the Czech tendency toward Svejking, that is, apparently following orders, but taking them to absurd extremes.

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